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Our admin, Jessica has passed away. She had been suffering for a long time with a tumor, which let her unable to eat and preform normal functions. She passed away yesterday at around 2:09 A.M. She was asleep so they believe that she felt no pain. Thank you all for the motivation and words of kindess you have given her. She will live on in our hearts.

What will happen to this page is unkown.
Thank you for reading.

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For the most, yes. Thank you for asking.

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ponyboys-greaser asked: "-hey.. um.. can i get to my locker", i said shyly and looked up at boy who was standing in front of my locker. he was in my class and his name was ponyboy

Ponyboy glanced up, looking at the girl. He had missed her question, but when he realized he was standing right in front of the girl’s locker, he quickly moved out of the way, “I’m sorry” He mumbled. He rubbed the back of his neck.

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Anonymous asked: "Yes. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers." She explained. "But I'm the oldest, so that's difficult."

Ponyboy gave a small chuckle of admiration, “Sounds like it is,”

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Anonymous asked: "Of course." Praise grinned. "And thanks. Just wondering, how many siblings do you have?" She questioned.

"Two brothers." He said thoughtfully, "But I’m the youngest. Do you have any siblings?" He asked.

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Anonymous asked: "My name's Praise." She stated, blushing a bit. "I like your name. It's.. Original. Unique." She complimented.

He smiled at that. “Really? You think so?” Then he added, “I like yours too,”

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Anonymous asked: "What's your name?" She asked, smiling a little.

He inhaled sharply. He’s always hate this question. He hung his had in embarrassment, “Its Ponyboy,” and wanted to quickly change the subject so he added, “What’s your name?”

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Anonymous asked: "Hi." The girl greeted, glancing at the 14 year old boy, slightly timid.

That fourteen year old was no other than the young Greaser that goes by the name Ponyboy. He greeted the young girl back, waving his hand and giving a smile, “Hi.”

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ponyboys-greaser asked: when you come back. i miss you? :(

Thank you, Honey. I missed you too. I’m sorry that I left for so long, but I’m back now. :)