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Sad. But true. Never judge ppl from the outside.


Sad. But true. Never judge ppl from the outside.

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Anonymous said: what's ur fav memory

Well, I guess I’ll go first. One of my favorite memories has to be one time when I was eight and Soda decided it would be a great idea to try a start the dish washer on his own when my parents and Darry were out and needless to say, it didn’t end well -Ponyboy

We promised we wouldn’t talk about that, Pony! -Sodapop

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Raid my ask

And I’m 100% honest

Any time, any place, the weirder the better haha All honest all the time

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ineverbelieveme said: What are some headcanons you have about Steve Randle?


Steve Randle headcanons:

  • His mom ran out on him and his old man when he was very young; he can barely remember her. 
  • He dislikes Pony because he would give anything to have an older brother who sacrificed going to college just to get custody of his two younger ones and another older brother who dropped out just to help with the bills. 
  • He hates how Pony doesn’t seem to get that Soda is human and flawed. Steve should know. It was he, who Soda went to, when he need to let off steam when Pony and Darry got under his skin. 
  • He was also thankful that he never had a younger sibling. He would have to worry if his old man would hurt them.
  • He was overprotective of Johnny. Steve would like to think that he and Dally loved the kid just the same since all three of them had a shit home life. 
  • He was smart and got good grades. 
  • He wished Soda had never dropped out but understood it was to help Darry out.
  • He knew more of Soda’s insecurities than Pony and Darry ever had.
  • On some level he hated Pony and Darry because he knew that in the end if push came to shove Soda would always pick his brothers. 
  • He prides himself on mechanic ability. 
  • He always felt downright horrible whenever he chatted girls up because he truly loved Evie. 
  • His dad did love him hence why he always wanted his son to come back home, even if his shitty way was to pay him to come back. 
  • Steve had been planning to meltdown over Johnny’s death in private where nobody would see, however Dally got shot in front of him and then the trauma of losing both Dally and Johnny got to him. He nearly had a nervous breakdown. 
  • He and Soda became entrepreneurs of their own auto body repair shop and was the best in Tulsa. 
  • He and Soda ended up sharing an apartment in town.
  • Steve secretly visits Dally and Johnny’s graves. He actually visits on Sundays to let them know what happened to each remaining member that week. Always ending with, ‘Hope yer ass is still protectin’ Johnnycake up there, Dal…ya no good hood.’ Doing what ya did best lovin’ and protectin’ Johnnycake’ with a bittersweet smile on his face.

-and I made myself sad with the last one. Damn. 

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Okay, the inbox is open and we are now officially taking questions! So, you can ask the gang anything you like!!

Also, what do you guys think if I would draw out a few asks??


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Hello, it took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to take over this blog after what had happened, but after a long time, I decided I would do it along with Jess’s friend, Sebastian. Still, this is something hard to do so, I apologize for anytime of inactiveness.

So, hello everyone! My name is Rosie, in sixteen and I love the outsiders! Cant wait to meet you all!


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Our admin, Jessica has passed away. She had been suffering for a long time with a tumor, which let her unable to eat and preform normal functions. She passed away yesterday at around 2:09 A.M. She was asleep so they believe that she felt no pain. Thank you all for the motivation and words of kindess you have given her. She will live on in our hearts.

What will happen to this page is unkown.
Thank you for reading.

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For the most, yes. Thank you for asking.

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dammit-poneboi-deactivated20140 said: "-hey.. um.. can i get to my locker", i said shyly and looked up at boy who was standing in front of my locker. he was in my class and his name was ponyboy

Ponyboy glanced up, looking at the girl. He had missed her question, but when he realized he was standing right in front of the girl’s locker, he quickly moved out of the way, “I’m sorry” He mumbled. He rubbed the back of his neck.

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Anonymous said: "Yes. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers." She explained. "But I'm the oldest, so that's difficult."

Ponyboy gave a small chuckle of admiration, “Sounds like it is,”